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Colin Campbell PhD



  Dr. Colin Campbell has a distinguished history with the The International Order of St Luke the Physician.  He is a long time member of the Order and Past President of the Board of Directors.  In 2013 Colin was again elected to the Board as the Canadian member.  He was appointed Director of OSL Region 8 (Ontario) in 2014.. 

In February of 2012, he started the OSL Chapter in Hamilton, Ontario, and is its Convenor.  Dr Campbell has since initiated the formation of the first OSL Young Adults Chapter in Canada.   That chapter also meets in Hamilton.

OSL members everywhere will be excited about this age group being interested in the healing ministry and will look forward to hearing more about their challenges and progress from time to time.

To follow the Young Adult Chapter's journey as news becomes available, click “Chapters” on the home page of the OSL Canada website at www.oslCanada.org  







In August 2011, at the First OSL Canadian National Healing Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Colin was elected Vice President of the Board of Directors for the newly formed organization: OSL Canada.

Delegates who attended the conference were challenged to be intentional about staying in touch with one another in their region to provide support and encouragement.  Colin took the initiative to begin “The Mustard Seeds Network” and created a newsletter to encourage members in Region 8 to remain in contact with one another.  The newsletter has become the official newsletter of OSL Canada and is now known as The Canadian Healer.  The first issue was produced in February 2012.  Current and past publications may be downloaded from the website at www.oslCanada.org

Dr. Campbell was guest speaker on the OSL Online Telephone Conference Call on April 15, 2012.  Free access to the recording of that talk, and to other guest speakers is available by joining the Region 8 email list at  http://www.oslregion8.org/online.htm  Colin is a secondary school teacher and resides in Hamilton, ON.  He may be contacted by email at ccmcampbell@gmail.com